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Is Your Toilet Paper Made in Australia?

You bet your sweet ass it is.

Unlike some toilet paper brands, we manufacturer our super soft rolls down under.

So you can feel extra proud of yourself whenever you buy Camoroll, knowing that you are supporting Australian workers and Veterans - double whammy!

Is there Shipping Fees?

Shipping is $2 for the Sydney metro and the wider Sydney area.

For other locations in Australia we contribute $15 towards the cost of shipping, this means that any shipping amount charged is on top of the $15 we have already paid towards shipping to your chosen area.

We understand it can be expensive to ship to rural areas. We are doing our best to keep these shipping charges to a minimum. We are constantly working with our freight and carrier partners to get the most affordable shipping for our customers.

Please see our shipping pager for further information.

What Charities Get The Money?

We believe in giving the power back to you, our customers, and letting you decide what charities and organisations should receive a helping hand.

Our mission is to create a great product and experience for our customers while doing our part to help Veterans.

We have a short list of charities you can choose from that we believe are doing great things for Veterans and their families. But if you would like the money to go towards a registered charity not on our list, then we welcome your feedback.

To find out more about how the donation process works please go to our page "How We Give Back" in the main menu.

Do You Wholesale?

Yes, absolutely we do!

Please reach out to us directly via the email below to discuss how we can help.

How Do I Manage My Subscription?

To pause or end your subscription simply let us know by sending us an email 7 days before your next billing cycle.

Send your email to:

Do You Really plan To Take Over The World?

Yes, yes we do. One ass at a time.

Help us on our mission for world domination by purchasing our Aussie Made Premium Toilet Paper.

Can't Find what You're Looking For? Email Us At: